Posted by: advapi | November 3, 2008

News about me…

It have been quite a long time I wrote on this blog… I’ve really been busy in this period… but the efforts have been payed.

As many of you know I’m a software dev, and from May I’ve covered the role of Project Manager of a .NET solution for Domain Parking. This project took a part into Zanox 1.000.000€ contest and… I won… better to say my company, my team and I won….this won’t change my life a lot (more or less nothing but since May I was a simple developer…and It’s awesome for me…)

You can check the context winner here, I’m currently working for triboo (following the link you can go to the project website)

Now the can’t-miss-picture (I’m the 4°th from rigth)

I wish to dedicate this goal to my Family, my girlfriend Monica, my Team (for having followed me in my rape to DB, code) and a very very special thank to Mario Cannistrà (my previous Project Manager when I was working on IRB projects), he taught me how to face problems in coding and how to manage resources… he’s not an extraordinary person, a splendid colleague but also a true friend… Thanks Mario!



  1. Figoooo! Bravooooo! Spero che adesso almeno un paio di birre me le vorrai offrire! 😉

  2. quando vuoi!

  3. Peccato che non ci fosse anche Giacomo avrebbe potuto dire che era il miglior programmatore di php della germania !!!

  4. E bravo il Paolo! Sei davvero in gamba: ti sei sempre rimboccato le maniche e ti sei dato un sacco da fare. Ti meriti proprio questa soddisfazione.

  5. Grazie dukesfriend!, cmq Stefano ….Giacomo è il miglior programmatore dell’europa!

  6. you’re welcome ! 🙂

  7. Ma non eri arrivato secondo?


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