Posted by: advapi | September 27, 2008

Finished Crysis

Yesterday night I finished Crysis……. really an amazing game……it’s  almost 2 years ahead respect other games (btw, wtf Supermario won last Games award?)… the story really takes you in deep breathing adventure….

In the game you’re a member of a special american force and you’ve the duty of find a group of archeologist lost into an island of the pacific. You’ve got classical binocular,infrared,weapons and the nanosuite, a particular armor that changes behaviour on your need (you can choose from Armour, Speed, Strength or Cloack).. I won’t cover all the plot (you’ve to play and enjoy it!) but “stay away from the aliens!”

I’m gonna to buy Crysis Warhead…. not have much time to wrote rigth now!



  1. And don’t forget the Maximum Sleep mode XD

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