Posted by: advapi | August 30, 2008

Back from vacation….

Hello to everybody,
first of all I just want to apologize for not having posted much in this time… I came back from vacation on 16 nigth and moved up to Perugia for meeting my girlfriend Monica I missed for 20 long days…
I’ve just uploaded some pictures on flickr (you can find the link on the rigth column of the blog) and more will come as soon I’ll have time to upload them!

I’m really busy in this period at work (there have been some changes in the company I work for) and more will happen shortly….

One sincere greets comes to my Project Manager Mario Cannistrà for the recomendation he gave me on linkedln :

““During the 2007 Rugby World Cup project, Paolo performed at the highest level for the entire time. He is a serious professional with a deep technical knowledge. Whenever there was a difficult development task to be accomplished, I could always count on Paolo to come up with a creative solution. I look forward to working with him again in the future.” August 27, 2008”

I really appreciated it, thanks boss!



  1. You should underline 20 loooooooooooooooooong days!!
    But now…you’re absolutely mine!

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