Posted by: advapi | July 19, 2008

Anonymous type in C# 3.0

While working on my project and I was doing a Select from DB using LINQ, here’s my query

var sql = from o1 in dataContext.AdsForDomains
where o1.IDDomain.Equals(IDDomain)
select new {o1.IDAdsDomain, o1.IDAds, o1.Container, o1.AD.Description, o1.AD.AdsSize, o1.AD.Merchant.Name};

I bounded then this to a GridView and started to working with the gridview behaviour… everything was fine since I needed to read the loaded value from the e.Row.DataItem…. my problem was… how do I read anonymous type value? If I binded a whole row of a table, I would have got the strongly typed object but in this case not…. googling around and doing some test I discovered that in c# 3.0 there’re some limitations about anonymous type (refer to this for better explanation).

He’re what I did, I used the “Cast” method to cast the object inside the e.Row.DataItem to the strongly type I passed to.

protected void gvwAdsForDomains_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
if (e.Row.DataItem != null)
DropDownList ddl = e.Row.FindControl(“ddlContainer”) as DropDownList;
if (ddl != null)
var mytype = Cast(e.Row.DataItem,
IDAdsDomain = 0,
IDAds = 0,
Container = string.Empty,
Description = string.Empty,
AdsSize = new AdsSize(),
Name = string.Empty

ddl.SelectedValue = mytype.Container;

private T Cast<T>(object o, T type)
return (T)o;

In that way I was able to read the content of fields that where stored inside the anonymous type. I also tryied (with no luck) to get the fields by reflection. I’ll investigate more as soon as I’ll have time.

Hope it helps,




  1. Silverlight 2 (previously referred to as version 1.1)[22] includes a version of the .NET Framework, implementing the same full Common Language Runtime version as .NET Framework 3.0


    Difatti son 5 mb di installer =)

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