Posted by: advapi | June 28, 2008

A lot of things to write about….

Hello to everybody,

This last week has been a full-fill of events, I had a lot to write about and really,really few time to do that, so let’s start from saturday nigth past.

I went with my most dear friend Stefano (Z3r0), Marianna and Davide to the Heineken Jammin Festival, we leaved on saturday nigth and travelled all nigth long doing 400kms. We slept in a gas stop near Vicenza from 4,00AM to 5,30PM. I have to put a comma here, I really enjoy joking with Stefano, we did all the times,when we met, on Gmail and so on, but I never have tougth we would have enjoyied so much doing a nigth-travel together. Maybe u don’t know my friend Stefano has got true superpower, he’s a special boy, as u can see from the picture below (when he wear the orange hat he became invisible, on some slow pc u will’ll not see the picture, upgrade to Vista please)

The second important thing I did this weekend has being for work in Berlin from 25 to 26, I have never been to Berlin before, I really enjoyed it (I’ll post more about this in another post)

The last but only Chronologically (and absolutely the most important one) is that an Angel ,called Monica, took me under Her wings, she makes me fill alive, makes me to belive in something!!).

About here she’s something in common with my friend Stefano, they both call me dumb (scemo in italian)…

Monica that’s for you :**


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