Posted by: advapi | January 3, 2008

Core Temp 0.96beta

E’ uscita oggi la nuova versione di Core Temp, utility per monitorare la temperatura sui processori di ultima generazioni, ecco le news di questa release

Version 0.96 – 31st December, 2007

– Add: System tray icons configuration.
– Add: Support for Intel’s latest CPUs.
– Add: ClearType font support.
– Add: Time\Date column to the log file.
– Add: Always on top option.

– Fix: Core Temp does not proprerly display temperature and CPU select fields.
– Fix: Log file layout.
– Fix: Hide\Show does not properly Minimize\Restore window.
– Fix: Core code names aren’t properly detected. (Intel)
– Fix: Incorrect\Missing CPU rating when not using stock\maximum multiplier. (Intel)
– Fix: Wrong CPU clock is reported when using EIST\non-maximum multiplier. (Intel)
– Fix: Wrong detection of Merom based CPUs.
– Fix: Single core Athlon 64s and Semprons reading -49C constantly. (Rare)
– Fix: C2D M0 rev. report very low temperatures. (Tjmax to 100C)
– Fix: Layout and display of tool tip text in the system tray. (Now shows a core per line)

– Change: Log the start and end of a session even if logging is disabled.
– Change: Settings and Systray settings windows appear in center of main window.
– Change: Rename “Tjunction” field to “Tj. Max” to make things clearer.


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