Posted by: advapi | November 14, 2007

An intresting article about Events in C#

Usually I don’t read Codeproject’s newlist I receive daily on mail, I just click on “Mark as read” and keep it to fat my mailbox, but today I’ve read a topic that’s really intresting and on which I would investigate deeper, the title is C# Event Implementation Fundamentals, Best Practices and Conventions , on the project I’m currently working on, I use a lot of events and eventHandler to handle data between presentation layer/logic layer or to raise some kind of action, but I know I’ve not knowledge as I should have about this part of .NET Framework. Today I had no time to read it, but tomorrow I’ll print the article (that won the codeproject’s Competition for September 2007) and hope to learn a lot of things to make my apps work better.

Good Night


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